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Taking a greater interest in this field, after forty three years as a jobbing carpenter, many jobs are a challenge, and goes back to 2007 working for a local Locksmith shop.

The delight is to attend to those properties that have a lock issue, either lost or broken keys & to gain access without or minimal damage restoring and then upgrading the security to the property. These are the majority of the clients requests that give rise to much appreciation, response time, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

When possible, and not already tied to major work, attending the same day to damaged, burgled or from other forced break-ins to door locks.

Deadlocks, sashlocks, cylinders, repaired, replaced, or upgraded. Night latches opened, from broken/lost keys.

We also provide registered key systems from a variety of key formats to BS3621. We particularly now offer secure, proven cylinders for registered numbered keys with a Patent life to the year 2032 unlike many that expire much earlier where the blanks become available to every locksmith. These registered keys therefore are really useful for restricted access.

We insist on only fitting mortise deadlocks and sashlocks ABI recommended to comply with either BS8621:2004 or BS3621:2007
Security fittings recommended and backed up by one of our local stockists with its over a century and a half of experience.
Keyholding and response services BS 7984-1:2016

registered keys
Three example registered keys available, from left Union, Union SK, GeGe Pextra.

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